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hpAndro Vulnerable Application (Kotlin) CTF

We (@hpAndro and @_RaviRamesh) spend a lot of time attacking android app; h@ck1ng, bre@k1ng encryption, finding bussiness logic flaws, penetration testing, and looking for sensitive data stored insecurely.

We do it for the right reasons - to help developers make their apps more secure.The best way to verify that your app follows secure mobile development best practices is to perform security assessments of the app, which can include automated mobile app security testing, fuzzing, manual penetration testing, and more. This application represents some of the knowledge we share with infosec community. We are trying to build vulnerable application based on OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide.

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Discuss these challenges and their solutions online, do writeup so developer and newbie can reproduce the same way and find new way as well.

Any suggestion for implimenting new schenarios and issues ping us on @hpandro1337 on twitter or send an email to hpandro1337 [at] gmail.com

Happy Building and Testing!